Social report

Dear friends,
we are very proud to present the social report 2017 for Italia Uganda: an important transition year for our organisation, full of significant events after the passing, in October 2016, of our beloved Father Giovanni Scalabrini.
A year in which we have asked ourselves how to continue with the work that he had begun. We have had the chance to consider the situation which has spurred us to analyse and rediscover the bond with the person who initiated the projects and activities that we have been passionately supporting since the year 2000.
A path of transformation that culminated in the month of December with the general meeting of our association which reached the unanimous decision in favour of the transformation into foundation: Fondazione Italia Uganda per l’opera di padre Giovanni Scalabrini Onlus.
A historic milestone that at the beginning of 2018 received the approval of the Prefecture and the Italian Revenue Agency which will enable us to safeguard the work of Father Giovanni and guarantee its continuation.
Clearly, this moment of reflection took place without forgetting our relationship with Uganda, where we have continued our path towards consolidating the educational, health and social activities of our organisation.
What you will find in this social report has been made possible thanks to the generosity of over 24,000 donors in Italy.
The smiling faces of the children who can go to school every day is perhaps the best way to express our most sincere thanks to everyone, affectionately,

Silvio Leonardi
Chairman Italia Uganda Onlus