Construction and expansion of BCK Secondary

Nel corso degli anni Fondazione Italia Uganda ha supportato entrambe le sedi della BCK Secondary di Luzira attraverso svariati lavori di costruzione, ampliamento e manutenzione delle strutture.

  • Construction of BCK Secondary Boarding and Daily sections:
  • construction of two dorms, one for boys and one for girls, that currently hosts more than 1.300 students:
  • construction of two new kitchens in both campuses:
  • construction of new bathrooms;
  • construction of a sports centre with basketball, football e volleyball pitches;
  • construction of a refectory at the Boarding section;
  • extension of the Daily section and renovation of its kitchens;
  • extension of the Boarding section and construction of a flight of stairs to allow the easy access to higher floors to disabled people;
  • construction of houses for academic staff next to the Boarding section;
  • construction of a new hydraulic and sewing system for both campuses;:
  • construction and providing of the necessary materials for a library and two computer labs.