Our stories – Evelyn

New leader
Evelyn can dream big…
Evelyn is managing director of a society which produces solid fuels and energy-saving stoves. She was looking for a master to start her own business and she decided to attend the master in “Impact Entrepreneurship”. Here is her testimony: “The master has been useful because is very practical. I could immediately put into practice what I’ve learnt, especially the financial management and the access to different markets. At the beginning we were used to work only in Kampala, but now we have expanded in other cities, like Jinja. Thank to the master I have extended my contacts, like the Uganda Investment Authority that has helped me a lot.
My aim for the following five years is creating a collection centre for the fuel and a showroom to teach how to use it, as it is a new product. I’ll need to hire people for these two activities.
But my final target is more ambitious: reaching 1 million houses by 2020!”.