Our stories – Faridah

Training end work
A job that supports a whole family
Faridah decided to leave her village to look for a more profitable job in the city. Her husband and her children remained there, waiting for Faridah to find a better job. She used to work as a seamstress, near the village but the earnings were very little and not enough to support the family.
When Faridah arrived at the mission home, the staff listened to her and they proposed her to work in the tailor’s workshop. She immediately accepted. In the workshop she has learnt to use the different machines and she has improved her knitting.
Thank to a regular income, she could buy a small land in her village where her husband grow vegetables and also some animals to produce and sell milk.
The best news is that now also her children can go to school. Faridah has a new dream: open a tailor’s in her village to give job to the needy people like her.