Our stories – James

From the streets to University: James’ dream is real
James is a 19 year old young man from Arua, one of the poorest areas in Northern Uganda. He had just enrolled in the Senior 5 class to complete his final year of high school when he lost his mother. The family situation was already very precarious, so James was sent to live with an Uncle who had promised to pay for his schooling, but unfortunately, pretty soon, he abandoned James who found himself living on the street.
His school mates, seeing him in this difficult situation, encouraged him to seek help from Father Giovanni’s mission. The operators who met him were very surprised by James’ gentleness and humility and his fierce desire to complete his studies. So they offered James a scholarship, thanks to which he has been able to complete his studies and enroll in University.
In October 2017 he graduated in medicine, and he has now crowned his dream of becoming a doctor.