Our stories – Richard

New Leader
Richard’s ambitious project
Richard is a brilliant student, with a Medicine graduation at the Makerere University and a keen entrepreneurship spirit. For this reason, he won the sponsorship and he could attend the master in “Global Business & Sustainability” organized by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and the Uganda Martyrs University.
His idea is to create a prevention system, health education and cares directly to the patients’ home in order to reach the most in need people who live in the rural areas.
During the master Richard has shown his abilities and his open vision, especially from the marketing point of view and his attention towards the diseases’ prevention: “I think that it is important to concentrate our studies also on the prevention of certain diseases, not only on the cares. I am convinced that my project can be implemented all over Ugandan regions in order to answer to the different needs that this health system cannot fill”.