Our stories

In the heart of our mission there are people. For this reason we want to give space to their faces and their stories.


From the streets to University: James’ dream is real
James is a 19 year old young man from Arua, one of the poorest areas in Northern Uganda. He had just enrolled in the Senior 5 class to complete his final year of high school when he lost his mother.


Today Rachel is a happy mother!
Rachel is a young mother of 26 who 11 months ago gave birth to little Sheila at the BMC hospital. About three years ago, Rachel had gone to a hospital in the suburbs complaining about abdominal pains. She was told she was suffering from a fybro-mioma, a benign tumor located in the uterus.


A job that supports a whole family
Faridah decided to leave her village to look for a more profitable job in the city. Her husband and her children remained there, waiting for Faridah to find a better job. She used to work as a seamstress, near the village but the earnings were very little and not enough to support the family.


A little step out of poverty
Betty is a 35 year old widow who lives in the Kireka slum. She has 5 children but two other sons of her deceased brother also live with her.
Betty has a very hard time looking after her large family without a permanent job. She couldn’t afford to send her children to school and what little she occasionally managed to earn she spent on food.


Evelyn can dream big…
Evelyn is managing director of a society which produces solid fuels and energy-saving stoves. She was looking for a master to start her own business and she decided to attend the master in “Impact Entrepreneurship”. Here is her testimony: “The master has been useful because is very practical. I could immediately put into practice what I’ve learnt, especially the financial management and the access to different markets.


Richard’s ambitious project
Richard is a brilliant student, with a Medicine graduation at the Makerere University and a keen entrepreneurship spirit. For this reason, he won the sponsorship and he could attend the master in “Global Business & Sustainability” organized by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and the Uganda Martyrs University.


Education is hope for ourselves and for our children
Jackline grew up without her father, unfortunately dead when she was very young. It was the mother who had to work hard to support her children but she hadn’t a steady job. The money she earned needed for the food and her children could not go to school.
Jackline started to study only when she received the support from the mission home.