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Education 2018-06

June 2018 – Swings, slides and toys for the children of BCK Nursery

On 20 June 2018 the 202 children in the nursery received an amazing present. The space in front of their classrooms was finally turned into a play area with slides, swings and toys.

Thanks to the ground levelling work and the distribution of sand to make the area more suitable for playing in, 5 slides, 6 swings and 2 toys with 6 seats each were installed in the nursery playground.

Break times are now even more fun with the children able to play on the slides, swings and rotating toys under the watchful eye of their teachers.

And this is thanks to the Italian donors that supported this project to provide the Father Giovanni Scalabrini nursery school with a play area.

A way of enriching and making our children’s educational path more interesting, providing them with positive experiences and new forms of stimulation.