The BCK Nursery and Primary School does not have a clean, safe place where children can eat their meals: this places them at high risk of contracting illnesses. Furthermore, given the Covid-19 emergency it is necessary to build new classrooms in order to respect social distancing. For this reason we have designed a multi-purpose building that has a canteen on the ground floor and 8 new classrooms on the first floor.

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Bishop Cipriano Kihangire School

one of Uganda’s best schools

NURSERY SCHOOL: 215 pupils (3-6 years)

PRIMARY SCHOOL: 1125 pupils (6-12 years)

386 boarders that sleep in our dormitory

Over 260 scholarships funded per year

77 teaching staff

First problem:

The children eat on the floor.

Over 1,300 children eat in unhygienic conditions under the blazing sun during the dry season and in the torrential rain during the rainy season, where the risk of contracting illnesses is higher.

Second problem:

The classes are too big

With around 100 children per class, sitting 5 at a desk, it is difficult for the teacher to manage lessons and the quality of the teaching is therefore reduced.

We can’t admit any more children

There is only one solution:

the construction of a multi-purpose building

Ground floor: canteen and large hall for collective activities and parents’ meetings

First floor: 8 new classrooms, a computer room, a library and a staff room

How much will it cost? €192,779 to construct the entire building


How much will it cost? €33,022 for furniture and equipment