“To continue the work of Father Giovanni Scalabrini in Uganda, creating strong, responsible and independent communities thanks to its youths.”


The Italia Uganda Foundation NPO was founded in 2000 to support the work of Father Giovanni “John” Scalabrini, a Catholic missionary that lived in Uganda for over 50 years, dedicating his entire life to supporting the people of Uganda. Having arrived in Uganda in 1964, he worked in the north first and then in the capital Kampala where he built schools and colleges, an orphanage, a hospital and a few workshops around his mission. He guaranteed an education to thousands of orphans and children and youths from families in need, and taught hundreds of youngsters and adults a trade.

Following his passing in October 2016, the Foundation has continued his work, following in his footsteps by investing in children’s education so that in time the community can become independent.


The impact of the Foundation’s activities is felt in the district of Nakawa, home to around 20% of the population of Kampala, a total of 246,781 inhabitants.



of schoolchildren manage to finish primary school

The youth unemployment rate is


Out of a total of 40 million inhabitants,

are HIV positive

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of the population is exposed to malaria


“We all have the possibility of improving our lives. But to do it we have to give people responsibility, place our trust in them and recognise their abilities”

Father Giovanni Scalabrini

Our intervention model is based on the charitable spirit we inherited from our founder. The “Father John model” is focused on creating social value through the education of the younger generations in order to construct communities which are able to take responsibility for their future and actively participate in the development of their country.

In line with this approach, the Italia Uganda Foundation pursues its mission in the following three action areas:


action areas



Vocational Training And Employment



Italia Uganda Foundation does not pursue its mission alone: as desired by Father Giovanni Scalabrini, since 2009 it has been part of the Emmaus Foundation Trust which also consists of two other partners, both of which Ugandan: Emmaus Foundation and Benedict Medical Centre. The three members continue the work of Father Giovanni, preserving his mission and respecting his founding values.


The Foundation is supported by a Management Board consisting of 5 members. Currently, our Directors are:


Silvio Leonardi

Gynaecologist, former head physician of Maternity and Gynaecology at the hospitals of Novi Ligure and Acqui Terme and director of the Mother and Child Department of Alessandria Hospital;


Gianfranco Ugo

Private Banker at Pictet Wealth Management


Beppi Fremder

Chairman of FPM Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

Enrico Lodi

Accountant at Studio S. Lodi & Associati since 1988

Edilio Somaschini

Retired, former general manager of Consorzio Cabiate Produce


Daniele Valerin

General Manager                                         segreteria@italiauganda.org

Vittoria Martinucci

Head of Fundraising                  v.martinucci@italiauganda.org

Eliana Valerio

Desk Officer                            e.valerio@italiauganda.org

Martina Pacilli

Project Designer                                  m.pacilli@italiauganda.org

Giorgia Bonato

Stakeholder Engagement Assistant g.bonato@italiauganda.org

Agnese Ayenya

Country Representative           a.ayenya@italiauganda.org

Fiona Ochora

Monitoring and Evaluation Support f.ochora@italiauganda.org

Isaac Othieno

Project Officer                             i.othieno@italiauganda.org

Justine Eve Ayo

Accountant                                                       j.ayo@italiauganda.org

Carmen Lo Verso

HQ Accountant & Secretary c.loverso@italiauganda.org


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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore:

since 2009 the Italia Uganda Foundation NPO has partnered with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore for the Charity Work Program, an international voluntary initiative which in 2018 promoted nine 4-week study grants for students from the Faculties of Medicine and Education Science. Thanks to this partnership the Foundation can benefit from the assistance of qualified volunteers in the activities of the Benedict Medical Centre and the Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Schools.

Kenya Utalii College (KUC):

in April 2018 Italia Uganda Foundation NPO and Kenya Utalii College, the most important and prestigious hospitality and tourism school in East Africa, signed a letter of intent which will shape their partnership for the planning and launch of the educational courses of the tourism and hospitality school. The KUC will offer the benefit of its experience in educational planning and the organisation of study and training plans for the teaching staff which, in time, will be completely Ugandan.

Cariplo Foundation:

in 2018 Italia Uganda Foundation presented a project to the Cariplo Foundation with the aim of financing works at the tourism-hospitality school. The Cariplo Foundation decided to allocate €50,000.