“In Uganda, my children, my people who live in poverty, have the heart full of joy, the joy of God’s Son”

(Father John Scalabrini)

In Uganda 2 million children and young people are orphans due to malaria and HIV epidemics and a civil war that lasted decades: they are all denied the right to education and the hope for a better life.
Many others, despite having parents, are not in position to study due to the cost of the fees and the educational material that each family is required to pay, even in public education.

For these children we have built:

  • two nursery schools, one in the capital Kampala and the other in Awach (Northern Uganda), which host 202 and 174 children of pre-school age, respectively;
  • the “Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School” which hosts 1150 students, including some refugees from South Sudan;
  • the “Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Secondary School” with a boarding section, which hosts 2816 students and which, as far as training opportunities and teaching levels are concerned, is among the best in the country;
  • a hospitality training institute is currently being built and will provide young people with the opportunity of learning a qualified job in the rapidly expanding tourism industry, thus enhancing the country’s economic and social development.

In our schools, particular attention is paid to nourishment and each student is provided with at least two hot meals a day.

We also offer extra-curricular activities that integrate the students training at high school level.

Educate to generate future
Father John Scalabrini always believed in the people he met and he tried to empower their potential. For this reason, he invested in deserving young people, paying attention to the vocational training and the university education.
In this field, the Foundation supports 24 students in the vocational schools and 63 students attending different universities.
The Foundations also funded a Master in “Impact Entrepreneurship” organised by the Cattolica University and the Uganda Martyrs University in collaboration with E4IMPACT MBA. The course was meant to train future Ugandan businessmen and women, favouring the promotion of their idea of business or the attainment of scale economies if their company had already been set up.
10 Ugandan students were the beneficiaries and they presented business projects in medicine and the production of food raw materials.
The purpose of the master’s course was to set up commercial enterprises in Uganda. A goal that has been met in every way.