Our mission

“Carry on my works and put the children first”
(father Giovanni Scalabrini)

The mission of Fondazione Italia Uganda is to continue the work of Father Giovanni Scalabrini in Uganda, creating strong, responsible and autonomous communities thanks to his many young students.

Our milestones:

  • education and health: ensuring health and primary education in the district of Kampala;
  • training and work: giving the local future generations access to skills;
  • future leaders: contributing to the advancement of the entire country;
  • model: consolidating the “Father John model”.

What we can do together

Our projects range across three areas of development education, training and work, health.


Fondazione Italia Uganda is raising funds to purchase a four-wheel drive ambulance for the Benedict Medical Center. The car is fully equipped (siren, stretcher, radio transmitter, flashing lights, megaphone etc.)


  • 85%

    58.729$ of 69.094$

Maintenance classrooms

Fondazione Italia Uganda, following a fundraising campaign, is financing works for the repaving of classrooms and verandas at BCK Nursery & Primary school.


  • 20%

    8.110$ of 40.554$

Renovation kitchen

The intervention that will take place is the complete renovation of the kitchen area of the BCK Secondary School Boarding section, and the installation of a new gas system, which will replace the currently charcoal-fueled stoves.


  • 10%

    2.150$ of 21.507$

The Trust

The Foundation is part of a Trust, an entity set up under Ugandan law, promoted by Father Giovanni, which includes two other partners: Emmaus Foundation Ltd., a social enterprise, and Benedict Medical Centre Ltd., a not-for-profit clinic. The beneficiaries of the Trust are the Archdiocese of Kampala and Gulu.

Our stories

In the heart of our mission there are people. For this reason we want to give space to their faces and their stories.


From the streets to University: James’ dream is real
James is a 19 year old young man from Arua, one of the poorest areas in Northern Uganda. He had just enrolled in the Senior 5 class to complete his final year of high school when he lost his mother.


Today Rachel is a happy mother!
Rachel is a young mother of 26 who 11 months ago gave birth to little Sheila at the BMC hospital. About three years ago, Rachel had gone to a hospital in the suburbs complaining about abdominal pains. She was told she was suffering from a fybro-mioma, a benign tumor located in the uterus.

Training and work

A job that supports a whole family
Faridah decided to leave her village to look for a more profitable job in the city. Her husband and her children remained there, waiting for Faridah to find a better job. She used to work as a seamstress, near the village but the earnings were very little and not enough to support the family.