Work & Training

“Use the gifs God gave you, use them to grow up, to improve, and to help each other”

(Father John Scalabrini)

The Foundation work to empower the competences of the future local generations and to create the conditions so that they can help their community to grow.

In order to achieve this aim, the Foundation support 14 workshops managed by the Trust. Today the workshops employ 90 Ugandan workers who are engaged in the construction sites and in the maintaining the mission, the schools, the hospital, the workshops and the home for orphans.

The most active workshops are:

  • the food production centre: which produces between 350 and 400 kg of products every day in its facilities;
  • the tailor’s shop: which in 2017 produced 3,100 uniforms and a total of over 5,000 articles;
  • the carpentry workshop: which in 2017 worked through 8,700 kg of wood.

This is a new way to give value to the competences of Ugandan people so that they give their contribution to the development of their community.